Wednesday, May 27, 2009

TCA Peels, TCA Cross, and Glycolic Peels

Here is a comparison if you are looking for a way to decide between a TCA peel and a glycolic peel. The distinction is not easy, but can be done. I personally prefer TCA cross but that's just me! If you have acne scars, that procedure called "TCA cross" is your best bet. There is a quick tutorial on the link I provided you with on how to perform tca cross properly and safely.

The tca peels work in a similar fashion. However, instead of treating individual pitted scars with a high percentage tca solution, you use a lower solution 0f 10-30% on your entire face. You must never use a strong tca on your entire face as this will give you permanent scars and worse skin than you started with! Be careful please.

Lastly, glycolic acid peel products must be used in a similar method as the tca peels I just described. You must use caution when doing a glycolic peel remember to take the steps to be careful and to care for your skin. Doing glycolic peels is no different than other peels.

In summary, please remember all the types of peels that are available to us. Pick and choose what suits your skin and skin conditions the best. Obviously the tca cross procedure is going to be ideal for acne scars and the tca peels and glycolic peels are best for evening out skin tone or improving overall skin texture as well as for fighting wrinkles and premature aging.